CSZ Chicago


The ComedySportz High School League® is the largest, most successful improv training program for high school students in the country.

ComedySportz High School League® empowers students to create their own theatre and nourishes their communication skills through improvisational theatre workshops and performances.  It encourages their individuality and provides the forum to succeed or fail in a safe environment that combines showmanship and sportsmanship. 

“The fast-growing intramural and inter-school phenomenon is known as ComedySportz, a hard-fought, competitive team game that brings theatre into the forefront of kid cooldom.”

                                                                                         - Creative Drama Magazine

We play improvisation as a team sport, with two teams "competing" for audience laughs. It's not comedy about sports; it's comedy played as a sport. Because everyone knows what a sport is, there is immediate buy-in from the audience. People who have never been to the theatre before walk through the door because they're not intimidated. Because it's improvisational, it's always different, and you will have fans that come to every performance.


How does it work?

  • Your high school improv team gets to compete against other high schools in the league.

  • All competitions happen on the ComedySportz stage.

  • You get to work with a ComedySportz coach who comes to your school to get you prepared for the competition.

  • You get to work with a ComedySportz director the night of the show.

  • Invite your friends and family to be part of the audience.


Benefits for Teachers

  • Your students learn improvisation from professional improvisors.

  • Takes the burden of directing multiple shows each year off of teachers.

  • Allows students to cultivate leadership skills.

  • Allows teachers to offer awesome opportunities without huge time and effort investment.  Many schools nominate student captains who work directly with your CSz coach to develop practices and plan your matches.

  • Chance to grow as performers, leaders, artists and teachers.

  • Chance to grow a caring, compassionate, inclusive community from the ground up.

  • Great for resumes and college applications.

  • Stage time!

  • Fun!