Dave creates things. A whole lot of things as it turns out.
In 2001, Dave created Rattlebrain Productions in Denver Colorado. He wrote, directed and produced all of their highly acclaimed original comedies including the hit holiday show SANTA’S BIG RED SACK (now in its 10th sold out year), the fast-paced improvised comedy competition ComedySportz Denver, and his most recent comedy ODDVILLE (a love story?) dubbed as, Blue Man Group meets the 40-Year-Old Virgin.
Dave has become a go to resource for creating original content, training and presentations for public events as well as for businesses and organizations.


The most essential skill anyone can learn is the ability to create.
Why? Because technology is advancing and many skills that once required a person are going to disappear. You have spell and grammar check on your computer. You can use your phone camera to solve math problems simply by waving it over the hand-written equation.
The ability to create is inherently human. There is no app for that.
Creating isn’t just reserved for painters, actors or poets. It is essential for everyone. And is structurally simple. If you want to have the business or the life you desire, you need to understand how to create the business and life you desire. It seems like a simple idea, but if it was, everyone would already have done it.
You want your business to be alive in 20 years? Learn to create.
You want the kind of life that makes you happy? Learn to create.


Because you don’t want the same old predictable presentation complete with confusing and irrelevant Power Point slides. Dave loves to disrupt the experience. We all know what the experience of bringing in someone to kick off an event looks like don’t we? Yeah, Dave doesn’t do that. Take a look at this teaser for ODDVILLE (a love story?) and see if that looks like a typical theater experience.


Contact us and let’s discuss your event. Let’s get you creating the life you want and let’s do it in a fun,
memorable and hilarious way.
Operators are standing by.
(Just kidding, Dave will likely answer the phone because he is that kind of guy).