Skewering the holidays since 2002!

Santa's Big Red Sack has become an annual tradition for those desperately seeking some non-traditional holiday entertainment.


It's clever, witty, relentless, and definitely hilarious from beginning to end. While the subjects may sound familiar and benign – Santa's reindeer, Christmas carols, bedtime stories, the Whos in Whoville, gift exchanges and good will – it is undoubtedly "The holiday show you shouldn't take your kids to."


It’s adult-size humor for people with brains, people who love the holidays

and love to laugh.​



November 23 - December 24 @ the Avenue Theater




DAVE SHIRLEY - (Writer, Director)
Dave is a comedian who doesn’t tell jokes. He does a whole lot more.  He began as a teenager busking in the streets eating fire, regurgitating burnt razor blades and blowing smoke into square shaped bubbles.  As long as it was peculiar and entertaining, like picking politician’s pockets or levitating dead puppets, he did it.
To hone his unique humor, he gravitated towards improvisational and sketch comedy by creating The Rattlebrain Theater Company in Denver, Colorado.  As artistic director and head writer he produced years of critically acclaimed and widely popular music and comedy revues.  
After being discovered by AMERICA’S GOT TALENT, his most memorable bits have now been seen and applauded by millions.  As a finalist he proved that comedy can go far beyond standing on a stage with a microphone.  It can be captured by your eyes, processed through your id and injected straight into your funny bone.
DEREK HARTMAN - (Writer, Performer)
Derek has been doing improv and sketch comedy off and on since the good old college days. He was a founding member of Rattlebrain Theater along with the other members of Santa’s Big Red Sack. Derek used to be a social worker and now earns a living by writing for advertising agencies. He’d rather earn a living by watching TV, but turns out that’s a volunteer activity only. Derek is a Colorado native, loves peanuts, and has blood type 0+. Once, he ate 19 pieces of thin crust pizza in one sitting. 
JANE SHIRLEY - (Writer, Performer)
Jane began her performing career doing improv comedy in the basement of the Wynkoop Brewing Co. She later opened Rattlebrain Theater and performed comedy in the basement of the Clock tower. Currently, she performs only in shows at ground level or above.  
For the past ten years, she has avoided the holiday mall crowds by starring in Santa’s Big Red Sack at the Avenue Theater in Denver.  Jane has a parallel career as an educator having served as a teacher, curriculum coordinator, instructional coach and high school principal. She has discovered that the world of comedy and the world of education are sometimes hard to distinguish from one another.
JEFF KOSLOSKI - (Writer, Performer)
Jeff relocated to the Mile High City in 1997 and has been writing, directing and performing pretty much non-stop ever since. He co-founded Cinema Geeks, an award winning filmmaking company and is a founding member of Rattlebrain. He's had principal roles in feature films, acted in a ton of commercials and has done a whole mess of voiceover work. He’s performed stand-up comedy, plays guitar, sings in a couple bands, works full-time as a creative director, plays ice hockey and basketball and is married with three children.
He has not slept since Bill Clinton was President.