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White Flakey Backdrop


Get ready for a sidesplitting solo performance that hilariously explores the quirks, stereotypes, and idiosyncrasies of, well, white people! This one-man theatrical comedy takes you on a laugh-out-loud journey through the absurdity of everyday life, all while poking fun at the delightful peculiarities that make up this "diverse" group.

From awkward dance moves to the obsession with avocado toast, no stereotype is left unturned in this riotous musical extravaganza. Join our charismatic performer as he embodies a myriad of characters, using wit and humor to celebrate and satirize the wonderful world of "White People: The Musical."

It's a comedic rollercoaster that invites everyone to laugh at themselves and revel in the shared absurdities of the human experience.
White Flakey Backdrop


Dave HS.png
DAVE SHIRLEY - Performer, director, writer
Dave is a comedian who doesn’t tell jokes. He does a whole lot more. He began as a teenager busking in the streets eating fire, regurgitating burnt razor blades and blowing smoke into square shaped bubbles. As long as it was peculiar and entertaining, like picking a politician’s pockets or levitating dead puppets, he did it.
To hone his unique humor, he gravitated towards improvisation and sketch comedy by creating the Rattlebrain Theater Co in Denver, Colorado. As artistic director and head writer he produced years of critically acclaimed and widely popular music and comedy revues.
After being discovered by AMERICA’S GOT TALENT, his most memorable bits have now been seen and applauded by millions. As a finalist he proved that comedy can go far beyond standing on a stage with a microphone. It can be captured by your eyes, processed through your id and injected straight into your funny bone. 
JANE SHIRLEY - Performer, writer

Jane began her performing career accidentally. She was tasked to teach a 7th grade theatre class which sounds like fun except that she was a math and science teacher and had no theatre background. She decided to take an improv class hoping to gain a few skills she could pass along, and the rest was history.


She was asked to join the improv company full time which eventually led to creating Rattlebrain Productions in 2002. Since then she has written and performed in hundreds of original comedy performances, been nominated for several awards and has become the only original Rattlebrain cast member to appear in every production.


When she isn’t on stage you can occasionally catch her doing commercials with Peyton Manning or taking cooking classes that never lead to actually making the dish at home.

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